14 August 2012


 Photo by Ric Tapia/Getty Images
I'm a fan of the Los Angeles Galaxy, and I have gotten crap for it since the first time I told someone. I remember being at a party and someone saw David Beckham (in full LA Galaxy kit) on my cellphone and said: "MLS sucks, but if you're going support it you should back the Chivas." Being a new fan to MLS the only thing I could respond was "but Beckham's hot," which defends men's reasons of dismissing female fans. But that was so long ago.

I'm a real fan now. I've stood with the supporter's groups and I can recap a match with the right information. I can tell you all the things you didn't know--and didn't care to know. I can stick up for my club even though they played badly at the beginning of the season. Our club isn't carried by our 3 DPs, because all our players pull their own weight. Even the rookies like Jose Villarreal that scored the match tying goal against Toronto FC.

So, the haters are going to hate, and yeah, maybe this year they have more reason to. But when our club goes to your stadiums, the seats fill up to see OUR players. When David Beckham is taking his corner kicks YOUR fans take our their cameras. Our captain is Landon Donovan who is the all-time top goal scorer for the USMNT. So, you may hate us, but it's only because win or lose, we have one of the best clubs in the MLS.