08 February 2012

The Party's Over: House, M.D. Has Reached Its End

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Just minutes ago (from the time this post is being written) it was announces that FOX's hit medical drama House, M.D. has been canceled. I watched religiously for 2.5 seasons. How's that? Well, I discovered House by channel surfing in 2007. I caught it on it's regular night, but it was a repeat of "Kids." Well, I bought the season 1 and 2 DVDs, soon watched season 3 religiously. I was a fan for season 4, but I thought their new angle was a bit rubbish, and during season 5 and beyond I only watched the show when I was bored or someone told me it was a good episode. I've watched 2 episodes this entire season (season 8).

So, when I first began watching, I discovered fandom. I knew of fandom from Lost, but House fans and forums were a bit more welcoming. It was weird, and amazing, to not just watch a show, but talk and discuss with other fans and bring it to a completely new level. It wasn't just brain dead watching anymore; it was participating. I started on livejournal, but soon it was taken to several other social media sites, and I was making friends. If you don't understand internet fandom culture this may seem a little ridiculous. But really, I've made so many friends, because of House, M.D. Some friends that live in different states or countries, but some that I've actually gone to concerts and late night show tapings with. People, I make butter beer with and have Harry Potter marathons. It's amazing to realize that you end up having way more in common than just that one tv show.

I don't want to say House, M.D. changed/saved my life, because that's such a cliche hyperbole, but I know my life would lack so much without it. The reason I was able to write about entertainment, and meet many people I thought I'd never meet (hello Jesse Spencer) was because of House. I also know I'll be keeping in contact with said friends way past the end of House.

I can't say I am sad to see the show end, but I can say I'm happy that it was. Without it I would never know Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Jesse Spencer and many other talents. Thanks David Shore and FOX, and thanks to all the people that have shared these years with me.