09 August 2011

England Riots: London’s Burning

The Clash wrote an amazing song called ‘London’s Burning’; it’s actually one of my favorites, but the joy I get from hearing the song is does not compare to the sadness and despair I feel from seeing what is happening to London and it’s neighboring cities. When I was 19, I took a 2-week holiday in London and had the time of my life. The city has so much to offer and so much to see. To have it all be burned and destroyed is heart breaking.

Many are outraged and scared of what is happening in London and are taking to social media and blogs to share their thoughts and feelings as they try to understand what is happening and why. Famous author John Green took to twitter to say the following: “Those assembled to help clean-up the aftermath of the London Riots.” Nothing rings truer in these times then that sentiment. Rioters are looting for no reason other than the want and possibly pure boredom;while, those in Syria are fighting and dying for their right to freedom.

Many are pointing fingers and blaming who is at fault for the riots to have reached this point with no sense of control. There have even been rumors that the rioters are taking to social media sites to look for new locations to stage riots: organized crime at its worse. But not all is lost with the youth in London. There are many other organizing to help clean up the city they love. Social Media is not crawling with photos of those who have gathered to clean up the mess left behind by the rioters and looters. They’re taking their city back one step at a time, and before long there will be no sign of the chaos the city had to face.

Photos are property of iRevolt and Lawcol888 respectively.